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Fashion, Darling, For an Untamed World

Published by Third Flatiron Anthologies in Offshoots: Humanity Twigged, Jul 2024

Madame Istina Zerosa-Pierre is acclaimed in a futuristic fashion industry where attire reflects status. Then she gets notified to report to the king! That can only be good.
Can’t it?

God of the Laptop

Published in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine Issue #91, Aug 2023

John Henry gets everything in his dull life spoon fed-which doesn’t change when he gets sucked into his housemate’s story. But being the hero gets old, quick.
Unless you’re willing to consider a little sabotage.

I am Gorbunk, Hear me Braaawr

Gorbunk the Tob is big, tough and completely misinterpreted. He’ll need all his strength to catch a galactic warlord – without pulling his fur out.


Stormblitzer (forthcoming)

Brock Lor lives like every other poor soul in Almore. He works. He sleeps. He keeps his Viribus ranking above 1000 so enforcers don’t drag him away in the night.
Luckily, the Stormblitzer tourneys may hold a way out if he’s good enough to master them.

Draft – DONE

More works coming soon!