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– Euland –
Where the world is yours.

Welcome to Euland. Heard of it?
Well, I can’t tell you everything about it. Not yet.
That’s because YOU are going to create it.

You see, I’m getting ideas for this Sci-Fi/Fantasy world from You. Have a special name you’ve always wanted immortalized in literature? (albeit an unpredictable variety) You got it. Maybe you’ve thought of a new species, or some wonderful setting? Weird objects, non-parallel parallel dimensions, culinary atrocities- I’ll include it. I’ll include it all.

Once a month, I’ll give the fates a spin and offer one name from my contacts list the chance to add something to the Euland world. With that suggestion, I’ll write a story of no less than 500 words. That’s YOUR story. Totally free. Ideas from following months build upon the same world (we are one but we are many, and all that). It is directed by ideas I receive from you.

Want to be involved?
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Let’s create the best narrative in history!

*Suggested words, names or ideas that are deemed offensive in any way will not be published in Euland. Draw winners will be notified by email and their names will be removed from further draws, though their suggestions may continue to be used in later stories. No fan fiction can be accepted.